From The Stork…


After being 11 days late, she finally decided to make her grand appearance on Wednesday August 7th at 8:23 pm, coming in at a whopping 8 pounds 10 ounces, 20 inches long, with a full head of black hair, the cutest little dimple, and truly breaking her Daddy and Papa’s heart with her coo’s and cries.  After the birth, a sleepless two and a half nights, and the anticipated signing of termination papers, I am thrilled to finally be able to introduce our daughter (by her name) Reagan Alma… Continue reading


Final Preparations…

With only 2 weeks to go until the Birth Mother’s due date, we really need to get the show on the road!  Yesterday, my partner and I installed a car seat base in each of our cars. Afterwards, I went back outside and peeked through the window to see how it looked again.  Two things ran through my head:  Firstly, how weird it’s going to be to have a human being in the back seat of my car, when in fact, no one is ever in the back seat of my car except for groceries! Secondly…my sincerest hope is that our child enjoys Celine Dion’s 5 octave, beautiful voice because that is what will be playing until she can talk….or beg for me to turn  it off like most people do  🙂   Continue reading

What if she changes her mind?

How do you remain so excited and so guarded all at the same time?

Seems like a pretty impossible task.  Part of me wants to swipe the AMEX at every baby shop I come across.  Another part of me say’s “just wait…what if she changes her mind?”  It is a very conflicting way to feel.  Adoption is simply a roller coaster ride which, that from the moment the adoptive parents are matched with an unborn baby, they begin to love the baby whole-heartedly knowing full well that their want for a family of their own, can change at any moment.   Continue reading

A Touch of Ignorance

When people outside of Texas hear the word “Texas” they tend to assume everyone gallops on their horse atop dirt roads, every resident is indeed a cowboy, and longhorns graze flat meadows.  At least that is what this yankee thought.  When I moved to Houston from New York, I recall quite clearly a coworker of mine telling me “Someone like you shouldn’t move to Texas!  You better get yourself a gun”.   Continue reading