Every Milestone Reached by Year 1…Check!

One whole year on August 7th. Can it possibly be that one year has passed since our tiny, quiet bundle miraculously entered into our lives and is now that same one running around our house, scratching up the walls with her push toys, pointing (a.k.a. wanting) at everything in site, and tossing her bath toys out of the tub? How she has grown from a dimpled quiet infant to a smiling baby, and now a very curious and willful toddler.  All in a timespan of just 365 days.  It feels as if someone handed us a helpless infant just yesterday and suddenly flipped a switch and my child is finding her voice, her will, and the fact that being stubborn is a whole lot of fun! Reagan has reached every milestone that every parent anticipates for and I have indeed learned so much this past year. Continue reading


The Controlling Parent…

I have a grin on my face as I write this because I can hear the shrieks of absolute relief from many of my family members calling out to one another: “He’s finally going to admit that he’s a controlling parent!”  Ha ha!  11 months of being a parent and I never once lied to anyone about it.  Prior to my daughters birth, I ALWAYS stated that I was going to be a tad bit controlling.  Hell, I am controlling about which paper towels need to be displayed in the house (ask my partner….he once made that mistake lol).  Indeed, I have stood tall and true to the challenge!  In other ways, I let my child be a free spirit to find her own way.  For the record, if I had to choose, I would rather see a parent have too much control rather than not enough. I would rather see a parent making too many choices for their children and feel the need to be that involved than to stand back and watch a person with no legs try to walk. Absolutely, children are individuals and they should embrace their individuality.  I wholeheartedly believe that and want that for my daughter.  However, the stages of Baby to Infant to Toddler, if not for anything but due to continuing brain development, is impossible for them to make appropriate decisions for every occasion, cope adequately or fully understand long-term consequences. Continue reading

9 Month Old Reagan…

My Little Love,

You’re at the three-quarter mark of your first year in this world.  The 9th month of your beautiful life and every day has been amazing to your Daddy and Papa.  Our experience with you has been unique, wondrous, and filled with awe.  We have enjoyed each day, each hour, and each second of your life as you have grown over these last 9 months and we are amazed at the little person that you are becoming.  While I have cheered loudly as you hit your milestones, I have been in no rush whatsoever for you to get to the next.  You have changed each and every day, and although I shouldn’t be, I’m already sad to say goodbye to the baby that you were.  No, I don’t miss teething or the sleepless nights, but I know that as you get older, you’ll want less and less to do with my two arms around your little body. Continue reading

Giving Thanks…

Needless-to-say, we have so much to be thankful for this year.  On the top of the list, of course, is our daughter.  Seems to be she is always at the top of the list now-a-days, but I guess that is what being a parent is all about.  Than, we have the usual list of things…health, happiness, family, friends, financial security.  Seems a bit mundane to name off the same items year after year.  So this year, I would like to go a tad bit deeper than that.  Because, after all, there is so much more to be thankful for.   Continue reading

Raising a Jewish child…with a touch of Christmas magic

My partner was raised Jewish and I was raised Catholic.  However, our household is now Jewish and prior to adopting Reagan, we committed to raising our daughter Jewish.  This will be Reagans first holiday season and my partner’s friend (who is Jewish) came over the other day to find our house decked out with Christmas décor everywhere.  Truly it looked like Santa Claus decided to vomit all over the walls of the house.  Amongst the red and green flashing lights, in a dark corner of the dining room, one tiny menorah sits…admittedly next to a large Santa Clause…that lights up…and blinks obnoxiously as a matter-of-fact. She laughed when she saw this and I was a bit embarrassed.  However, it’s impossible to deck the halls for Chanukah the way you do for Christmas. I’m not speaking of the walls of the house…but the walls of your spirit. Christmas touches you in a different way than Chanukah does.  Continue reading