Our Family is recognized…

One of the plaintiffs in the gay marriage case summed up the SCOTUS win quite perfectly to their 5 children: “This means our marriage is recognized in all 50 states, our family is recognized in all 50 states, and, in a very profound way, our humanity is recognized in all 50 states.” This is quite true.  When my husband and I married, we wanted to marry for all the reasons why everyone else wants to marry.  Nonetheless, enter children into the picture, and the passion and fight for marriage to be equal was so much more imperative…. Continue reading


Every Milestone Reached by Year 1…Check!

One whole year on August 7th. Can it possibly be that one year has passed since our tiny, quiet bundle miraculously entered into our lives and is now that same one running around our house, scratching up the walls with her push toys, pointing (a.k.a. wanting) at everything in site, and tossing her bath toys out of the tub? How she has grown from a dimpled quiet infant to a smiling baby, and now a very curious and willful toddler.  All in a timespan of just 365 days.  It feels as if someone handed us a helpless infant just yesterday and suddenly flipped a switch and my child is finding her voice, her will, and the fact that being stubborn is a whole lot of fun! Reagan has reached every milestone that every parent anticipates for and I have indeed learned so much this past year. Continue reading