2014’s Resolutions…

I read this article last night that you “shouldn’t” (using that word loosely) end every word in “Y” when you speak to your baby.  Another words, use baby talk with your baby, in the hopes that it will encourage your child to have good grammar while growing up. So, toying with a new years resolution, one of my resolutions this year was to try not to end every word I say to Reagan with a “Y”. Every parent I am sure can understand the use though of using “Y” after every word.  You have a baby and suddenly poop is “poopy“, touch is “touchy“, dog is “doggy“, and so on.  It was a ridiculous resolution to make given the fact that my daughter is so adorable and saying words that end in a “Y” is…well…so adorable.  I made a mistakey. 🙂  So that resolution was tossed out the window the second I saw her in the crib this morning and I said “good morning, who’s the cutest girl in the whole worldy?”.  Yep, tossed out the window…just like all the other resolutions I have ever made were.  I still curse.  I don’t have the body of a roman god.  I still eat chocolate…lots of eat.  Nevertheless, every article I see online is about resolutions so I feel as if I have to make at least one!… Continue reading


Raising a Jewish child…with a touch of Christmas magic

My partner was raised Jewish and I was raised Catholic.  However, our household is now Jewish and prior to adopting Reagan, we committed to raising our daughter Jewish.  This will be Reagans first holiday season and my partner’s friend (who is Jewish) came over the other day to find our house decked out with Christmas décor everywhere.  Truly it looked like Santa Claus decided to vomit all over the walls of the house.  Amongst the red and green flashing lights, in a dark corner of the dining room, one tiny menorah sits…admittedly next to a large Santa Clause…that lights up…and blinks obnoxiously as a matter-of-fact. She laughed when she saw this and I was a bit embarrassed.  However, it’s impossible to deck the halls for Chanukah the way you do for Christmas. I’m not speaking of the walls of the house…but the walls of your spirit. Christmas touches you in a different way than Chanukah does.  Continue reading