9 Month Old Reagan…

My Little Love,

You’re at the three-quarter mark of your first year in this world.  The 9th month of your beautiful life and every day has been amazing to your Daddy and Papa.  Our experience with you has been unique, wondrous, and filled with awe.  We have enjoyed each day, each hour, and each second of your life as you have grown over these last 9 months and we are amazed at the little person that you are becoming.  While I have cheered loudly as you hit your milestones, I have been in no rush whatsoever for you to get to the next.  You have changed each and every day, and although I shouldn’t be, I’m already sad to say goodbye to the baby that you were.  No, I don’t miss teething or the sleepless nights, but I know that as you get older, you’ll want less and less to do with my two arms around your little body. Continue reading