I wanted to pull a little girls pony tail…

A fairly new child to our weekly playgroup annoyed me the other day!  She (yes I said she!) was adorable. Blonde ringlets in her pony tail, blue eyes, red red cheeks.  Like a little doll.  Came running up to Reagan and I and asked me where “way-guns” (Reagan’s) mommy was.  I thought to myself, ah cute little munchkin.  I knelt down, hand on my child’s head to somehow assure her of what I was about to say despite the fact she is 15 months old and doesn’t understand, and said “Well, Reagan has two daddies”.  She proceeded to say “I don’t understand”…repeatedly…loudly.  Practically stomped her feet! Like…she was pissed that the answer given was not the appropriate answer.  I felt like shouting “where is this 4 years olds parents?!”  The icing on the cake was that her mother was indeed listening to the entire incident.  I felt myself wanting to yank on her little ponytail to stop causing a scene and than slap her mother for not stepping in.  (…maybe I’m a bully…) Continue reading


A Touch of Ignorance

When people outside of Texas hear the word “Texas” they tend to assume everyone gallops on their horse atop dirt roads, every resident is indeed a cowboy, and longhorns graze flat meadows.  At least that is what this yankee thought.  When I moved to Houston from New York, I recall quite clearly a coworker of mine telling me “Someone like you shouldn’t move to Texas!  You better get yourself a gun”.   Continue reading