Final Preparations…

With only 2 weeks to go until the Birth Mother’s due date, we really need to get the show on the road!  Yesterday, my partner and I installed a car seat base in each of our cars. Afterwards, I went back outside and peeked through the window to see how it looked again.  Two things ran through my head:  Firstly, how weird it’s going to be to have a human being in the back seat of my car, when in fact, no one is ever in the back seat of my car except for groceries! Secondly…my sincerest hope is that our child enjoys Celine Dion’s 5 octave, beautiful voice because that is what will be playing until she can talk….or beg for me to turn  it off like most people do  🙂   Continue reading


My Daughters Name is “hush hush”

Being pregnant is so quickly compared to the process of adoption.  While similar to a certain degree in regards to the anticipation of a wee ones arrival, it is still so different.  My sister is pregnant and so easily words of confidence that her child will be here, flow from her so easily.  “when she arrives”, “I think I will buy her this”, etc.  Such fortitude that her child will be here soon and all will be well.  Sure, anything can happen.  Nonetheless, more likely than not, everything will work out as expected. My confidence is a bit more…feigning.  Continue reading

A new definition for privacy

I found myself lucky enough to have coffee this morning with a co-worker of mine who proceeded to share with me that he and his wife adopted from China many years ago.  It was so refreshing to hear another persons perspective on something so similar to what my partner and I are going through.  This includes all the oddities that come out of peoples mouths and how they handled them.  Once again, another negative post….but HOPEFULLY in another less than 38 days….the tone will drastically change… Continue reading

“Well…your kind of like the mom”

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this. From family members, friends and co-workers. Granted, I may not be He-Man over here, but we will be 2 MEN raising a child.  While my partner will technically be the “full-time bread-winner” and I will be the “stay-at-home parent” (for only a couple of months mind you), suddenly people picture me with an apron on, running to the front door with a baby in one hand and blueberry pie in the other, to greet my partner after his long day from work. Continue reading