SOS…it’s feeling like home…

The Hotel has begun to feel a bit like home.  We have our typical parking spot.  The front desk staff (the ones during the normal business hours at least) quite obviously know me by their smile that seems to say “why are you still here?”.  I send my bills and cards from the hotel.  We enter through the side entrance.  I bring my partner his coffee every morning, as the norm.  I tidy up our room on a daily basis. And to make matters worse…I stopped housekeeping from cleaning up the room this morning because I had already emptied our garbage pails out for her…I enjoyed helping her out too!  I need help… Continue reading


A Watched Pot Never Boils…

We’ve arrived in Indiana where the Birth Mother is currently 1cm dilated.  While that didn’t sound like any rush to arrive to cornfield “nothing to do” Indiana, the baby is indeed fully dropped and we have been advised that 1cm can turn to 10cm very quickly.  So here we are….waiting for the pot to boil, which everyone knows a watched pot never does boil… Continue reading

What if she changes her mind?

How do you remain so excited and so guarded all at the same time?

Seems like a pretty impossible task.  Part of me wants to swipe the AMEX at every baby shop I come across.  Another part of me say’s “just wait…what if she changes her mind?”  It is a very conflicting way to feel.  Adoption is simply a roller coaster ride which, that from the moment the adoptive parents are matched with an unborn baby, they begin to love the baby whole-heartedly knowing full well that their want for a family of their own, can change at any moment.   Continue reading