A new definition for privacy

I found myself lucky enough to have coffee this morning with a co-worker of mine who proceeded to share with me that he and his wife adopted from China many years ago.  It was so refreshing to hear another persons perspective on something so similar to what my partner and I are going through.  This includes all the oddities that come out of peoples mouths and how they handled them.  Once again, another negative post….but HOPEFULLY in another less than 38 days….the tone will drastically change… Continue reading


Gay Parenting

My father asked me how I…being a male…a gay male…was actually going to be able to raise a child with my partner.  Ignorance makes me laugh out loud (quite literally) and that was how I began my response.  I ended it simply by saying “I can assure you that our child/children will be much more confident and secure than I was in my own childhood”. Of course, how can he have argued that?  I find that ignorant people tend to not pick up a book, newspaper, read a study, and find an educated answer on anything they “believe in”.  They simply hear or see what they wish.  Nevertheless…facts are facts.   Continue reading