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Still Waiting….

Who said that quote about “patience being a virtue”… blah blah blah? I despise that individual right now 🙂  Nevertheless, we have spent some quality time with the birth parents, as well as met the birth father’s family, and we are quite glad that we had the opportunity to do that.  However, now that we covered all our bases here in the land that 1945 has remained, we are ready now…she has our permission for her water to break…please…now….


The plus side is that my partner can run his business remotely.  I am FAR away from the miserable weather of Houston (which if you know anything about Houston is a blessing in itself).  It is quite lovely here and cool at night.  The people are indeed nice.  Anxious to get home of course but I anticipate that to subside somewhat once the baby comes along.  

We have been hit hard with phone calls, voicemails, text messages, as well as emails from strangers who read this blog, wondering what the update is.  We truly appreciate everyones love and well wishes that are being sent to us.  It means the world to us.  The Birth Mother has a doctors appointment tomorrow and more than likely at that time, the decision will be made to induce her either on Friday or Saturday.  So this waiting game will be over in a couple of more days.  So before I forget, let me say my thank you’s…

We do not know what the outcome of this will be.  I get yelled at by my family members when I say this….and I know they yell at me because they love me….but they know deep down that what I say is true. We do not know what the outcome will be.  This is the gamble you take when you choose to do a private adoption.  We believe the result will be in our favor.  After all, this poor girl can barely feed herself let alone feed a child.  

Nevertheless, no matter the outcome, many people have been there for us throughout this whole ordeal.  Many have not.  It has truly been an eye opener in so many ways.  

I have not been a peach throughout this experience…I admit.  Many family members and friends have been quick to criticize the behavior of the waiting adoptive parent (me mostly)  as negative, angry yet strong and wonderful.  I wish some of them would have taken the time to have tried a bit harder to get familiar with our situation.  Read a book about same-sex parenting, familiarize themselves with adoption, take me out to lunch if I was sounding like I was pulling my hair out of my head.  Made an effort to understand more. Yet, ironically enough, some of those people would be the first ones I’d call if I needed something because I know I could count on them.  I guess that is what the love of family and friends is.  True family and friends.  

In any event, many of our siblings, parents, and friends have proven themselves to be authentic, real, the backbone of what it means to be the real definition of support.  Many have saved me from my insanity at times, by letting me purge what I needed to say.  This also includes our counselor at our adoption agency, strangers that have emailed me from WordPress just to check in to see how things were going.  It is quite wonderful how people have simply stepped up…especially those who had no advice for us at all….simply a confirmation that they were there if we needed to talk or to simply ask if we needed anything.  No agenda, no advice, no pretending they knew what they were talking about.

These past 6 months, many have shined quite brightly in our lives and we are so thankful for that.  Looking back on this experience, as well as ahead, it has been, and will be, quite the blessed life.  We thank everyone who has been there for us…whether it be in your prayers, thoughts, gifts, cards, calls, messages.  We are lucky to have you in our lives and couldn’t imagine it any other way.  


3 thoughts on “Still Waiting….

  1. Hey there sweetie – thanks for update story. You could have visited me and returned and still we wait. We would have LOVED to see you and finally meet Brian!!!! And, to make sure that you were not bored, I could have put you to work with me. Now, wouldn’t that have been FUN!. Would we have gotten much done….I wonder????

    Awaiting the BIG news! All my love,

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